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We are a coalition of Native American leaders that is networking to add our talents and skills because ‘Together We Are Stronger.’


To equip Native leaders with tools and support through a strong
network of ministries who encourage each other to maximize their gifts,
call, and influence to change communities for the Kingdom of God.

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Every leader will be stronger and more fruitful in their ministry. 


We will start creating a three-month intensive of leadership development courses in 2021. Our goal is to grow into an ongoing network and have a yearly gathering. 


In each segment, leaders will have the option to attend in-person/ resident, part-time, or online. They will be exposed to diverse leaders who will challenge and empower you through their experience and wisdom. We will use the fun features that Montana has to offer. 

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Classes for 2021

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Meet our training center

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How does our schedule work?

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Native American Coalition would be a 4-month training starting up in early January throughout early April. Our training will offer different classes within the 6 pillars of this training, leaded by teachers and mentors.

We will offer classes throughout the entire week, you can apply for the full internship, or you can just attend the in-person classes you are interested in. If you are out of state and still want to be a part of this amazing training, you can also join us through our livestream (Zoom call) on a daily basis. At the end of our 4-month training, we will have our curriculum available in both audio and video.

If you want to know more about our classes visit our classes tab:

For our In-person attendants breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided in campus. We will also have group special events, and other really fun activities. If you want to know how does the schedule looks like, you can download the calendar with the schedule and different events:

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If you can't make it but still want to be a sponsor, you can donate for this amazing training. Just click in the button below and type: "Native American Coalition" on the memo.