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In this block, our leaders will learn how to build a ministry that reaches and communicates with every generation, from toddler to elder. 

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Ty Austin

Pastor and Youth Director

Ty has been married to his wife, Lilia since 2008 and have three beautiful children. They recently moved to Maryland to serve as Senior Pastors of Hagerstown Foursquare Church and Ty as the Foursquare Northeast Atlantic NextGen Director.Ty served as an Executive Pastor at The Rock in Anaheim, CA where he served for over 18 years. He loves the local church, mentoring young leaders, and seeing people fulfill their God-given potential. Ty has a passion to preach the Word of God and mobilize the Church into the ripe fields of harvest. Ty also has his Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership and is an Adjunct Professor at Life Pacific University.

Kimberly Dirmann

Pastor / The Rock Church, CA.

Kimberly was born in Colombia, South America, and lived in Colombia until she was 10. She has been married to Jerry for 33 years and they have two grown children, Alexa and Jonathan, and five grandchildren, Riley, Alexander, Noah, Isabella and Emma. Kimberly and Jerry served as youth pastors at Valley Community Church, El Monte Foursquare, for 8 ½ years (1986-1994). In December 1994, Jerry was appointed Foursquare National Youth Minister and they traveled extensively with their children throughout the United States ministering at camps, and to youth pastors and leader. Kimberly served as the Director of Foursquare Women International from 2000-2005 with the primary focus of resourcing women in ministry leadership. Kimberly also co-hosted a talk show on a Christian radio station during this time. Jan and Corb have 3 grown children, five grandchildren, and have been happily…very happily married for 47 years.


Yaseer Handall

Missionary for the Native American Reservations

Founder - Arise Ministries

Yaseer Handall was born and raised in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and Jewish father. His drug addiction led him to leave home at age 16. He eventually lived in the jungle of Chiapas, Mexico with the indigenous Mayans, until he met a California girl named Monique who soon became his wife. Together, they travelled to the U.S. and after eleven years of addiction Yaseer had a powerful conversion to Jesus Christ. He and his wife became the proud parents of Aidan and Aharon. They planted and pastored a Hispanic church in the city of San Bernardino, California the for nine years. While pastoring, in 2010 they received a call from God to reach the Native American people of the United States. Yaseer and his family left everything to answer this call. Today they serve as FMI missionaries and Yaseer serves the representative of Missions for the Hispanic District.

Jan & Corb Morgan

Pastors / Many Tribes

Jan and Corb Morgan have been pastors for 40 or more years. 20 years as Foursquare pastors in Washington and Montana but their greatest passion is working among Native American people, especially families and children. In 2005, Many Tribes Native American Ministries was born. The commission from the Holy Spirit for Many Tribes is: “to re-present the Gospel to people who were hurt by the first messengers.” During a period of 4-5 years, they traveled to many Indian Reservations across Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, South and North Dakota and Montana. Then in 2009, they received a call from the Lord to pastor a Native Church in Saint Ignatius, Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Corb and Jan currently live in Missoula, Montana where they continue to disciple, mentor, and involve themselves in the Native community including Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Chippewa, Cree, Salish, Crow and Navajo. They have held Bible Camps for kids and families in Lame Deer, Montana on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation and will continue to do so as it becomes safe. They currently are seeking the Lord for how to plant an “Indian Church” most effectively in the Missoula community.



Evangelism Team Pastor - New Hope Church, Hilo Hawaii

Bunny was born and raised on beautiful Hawai'i Island, aka The Big Island of Hawai'i. She has been married to her high-school sweetheart Holi, for 25 years. They have three adult children, Isaiah, 'Ailana and Ethan, and three beautiful granddaughters that keep them busy and their home filled with giggles and glitter. Bunny felt the call into ministry from an early age and decided to answer that call saying yes to leading a youth group at the age of 21.  After years of serving in youth ministry, God moved Bunny and Holi to Hilo Hawaii where she would serve on staff at New Hope Church where she continues to serve as The Evangelism Team Pastor. Bunny has also served as the Pacific Southwest District NextGen Director, Hawai'i since 2016 which has opened up countless opportunities for her to work with kids, youth and young adults throughout the state and PSW District.  Plus the bonus of building great relationships with leaders who have the privilege of serving those kids, youth and young adults. One of Bunny's greatest joys is building authentic lifelong relationships with those who she has had the pleasure of meeting. No matter the age, it's the connection to others that motivates Bunny to continue to serve God with passion and clarity. 


Church Health Coach

Serena, also Naiʻa (pronounced: nigh-ah), comes from Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. Her heritage is Dominican-Haitian, Jewish, and Filipina. Serena is also adopted into the cultures of Kānaka ʻŌiwi (Native Hawaiians) and Māori (Indigenous peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand). Her heart is to see the land within all of us restored so that it flows outwards to the restoration of the physical lands we call home and those beyond ourselves. She believes that God wants to restore our world through Indingenous peoples. Serena has a huge heart to see restoration begin in the generations that will succeed us—our children—believing that the detriment or the flourishing of our world lies in the decisions they will make in the future. Therefore, she approaches her “Planting Seeds” curriculum with the aim to build them up in Truth.

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