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In our Practical Ministry block, we seek to help our leaders to come back to the simplicity of living out and sharing the Gospel in a practical way. Our leaders will learn how to do budgets and accounting, find resources, do backward planning, develop an administration team, set up a non-profit organization, and how to use QuickBooks, etc. We will then allow our leaders to put what they learn from the Word into practice by getting out into the community and doing and living it everyday. Throughout the course of the seminar, we will do concerts downtown, family carnivals on the reservation, and feeding the homeless. 

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Caleb Brown

Missionary Pastor

I was a liar, thief, and pervert, but Jesus came and saved me at age 19. Almost immediately, I was introduced to the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. I was mentored to partner with the Holy Spirit in the process of leading unbelievers to Jesus, then leading those people into the baptism in the Holy Spirit, teaching them to hear the voice of God, heal the sick, cast out demons and lead others into freedom, preach the full Gospel, and then reproduce themselves through the process of discipleship. In the nearly 20 years since encountering God the Holy Spirit, I have had the opportunity to help people in over 40 countries become empowered, equipped, and released to make disciples of Jesus. Along the way of becoming a disciple of Jesus, I managed political campaigns, participated in leading several business startups (one of which I am currently serving as CEO), and started a family. With fourteen years of happy marriage to Ashley, our family has grown to three daughters, one son, and a very fluffy bunny rabbit. In addition to enjoying quiet family walks in the evening, fishing, and playing sports, we can often be found discussing cultures, and debating politics and economics. I continue to enjoy black coffee, reading, hunting, and fishing."

Tuff Harris

Founder/President - One Heart Warriors

Tuff Harris retired from a 5 year career in professional football. He was a defensive back for the Edmonton Eskimos, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins. Tuff’s excellent work ethic and his never quit attitude has been the reason many teams have taken notice over the years. Although Tuff never found a starting position on defense he excelled on special teams and was awarded various team honors throughout his career. His career was cut short due to accumulating injuries. Tuff has always appreciated every minute he has been given to play the game of football and continues to share his experiences with everyone.


Yaseer Handall

Missionary for the Native American Reservations

Founder - Arise Ministries

Yaseer Handall was born and raised in Mexico City to a Mexican mother and Jewish father. His drug addiction led him to leave home at age 16. He eventually lived in the jungle of Chiapas, Mexico with the indigenous Mayans, until he met a California girl named Monique who soon became his wife. Together, they travelled to the U.S. and after eleven years of addiction Yaseer had a powerful conversion to Jesus Christ. He and his wife became the proud parents of Aidan and Aharon. They planted and pastored a Hispanic church in the city of San Bernardino, California the for nine years. While pastoring, in 2010 they received a call from God to reach the Native American people of the United States. Yaseer and his family left everything to answer this call. Today they serve as FMI missionaries and Yaseer serves the representative of Missions for the Hispanic District.

Chelsea Chaisson


Chelsea Chaisson is from Louisiana. She is a music teacher and songwriter. Chelsea has been a worship leader for many years and she always shows her love for inviting others in/ and leading people into God’s presence. She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree at Life Pacific University. Chelsea was a missionary in Cambodia for a few years and now live life on mission wherever she goes.


John Bass


John was born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada and received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Manitoba. In 1998 while he was living in Arizona he had a radical transformation and gave his life to the Lord. He immediately left for Bible College where he attended Word to the World Bible College out of Marilyn Hickey Ministries in Denver, CO. Graduating in 2000, he helped start a ministry to inner-city kids called Metro Kids and helped expand it to 3 locations. During that time he became an Associate Pastor at Healing Waters Family Center helping with the English congregation and taking care of the church’s finances. He met his wife Joanne there and while in Denver they had 2 children. In 2008 John and his family moved to San Diego where John became an Associate Pastor at San Diego Hope Church, again looking after the finances. During that time, the church parented 6 other churches. In 2010 John received his ordination from the Assemblies of God after being licensed with them since 2004. In 2016, God moved on John and Joanne’s hearts to reach out to Native Americans in California since Joanne is herself a Native American from the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians in Southern California. In 2016 John and Joanne connected with Arise Ministries and have helped with Kid’s Camps, Young Adult Camp’s, Sherman Indian High School events and various bible studies and teachings. In 2017 John and Joanne officially became Strategic Partners in the Assemblies of God reaching out to Native Americans in California.

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